Secrets of the Leopold Quarter

    This trip is full of contrasts! If you think Brussels is just a boring gray and maze-like city filled with dull office buildings, then this trip will surprise you.

    We’ll walk through the Leopold quarter, which is usually referred to as the European Union quarter, and get to know the history of the neighbourhood and all that it has to offer. From there we walk on into the neighbourhood that is often associated with Congo, Matonge quarter, where we will discover the colonial history of Belgium and Congo.  

    The European quarter, which is often mistakenly thought to only contain the European Union’s office buildings, contains numerous vibrant squares, parks, museums and one of the best Belgian frites stand (according to a national jury). Prepare to be surprised!


    Just a stone's throw away is the magnificent Matonge district, which is a constant reminder of Belgium's bloody history in Congo. Matonge is nevertheless a kind of African-Bohemian district, filled with exotic food stands, full of colours, live music and a variety of hair extensions in the store windows!

    The main stops are, among others, Place du Luxembourg, Place Jourdan, Round-point Schuman, Place Jean Rey and Porte de Namur

    Meeting point: The royal palace

    Metro station: Trone

    Tram station / bus stop: Palais

    Length: 2.5 hours

    Price: 30 EUR, free for 18 years and younger