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About me

Belgium has always played an influential role in my life and has, in some ways, been ever present. I am currently living here for the third time in my life and continuously discovering some of the new, exciting and fun things this “hidden little country” has to offer. 

Beauty in Natural Makeup

I first moved to Belgium in 1990 as a young girl and went to a Catholic school in Bruges. In my mind, it felt like a whole year living in a French movie that took place soon after World War II, except for the fact that everyone spoke the slightly less romantic Flemish language (today often just referred to as Dutch to prevent tedious explanations to foreigners). Prayers, mathematical tests, pictures of the pope and king, handkerchiefs, marble games and strict manners were a way of life that a little Icelandic girl had to be quick to adopt. Bruges is often considered one of the most beautiful places in Belgium, and some go so far as to say it is the most beautiful place in Europe (I'm clearly not neutral when it comes to this). Living one year in the heart of such a city is something I will never forget, unbelievable privilege, and I truly wish for everyone to visit the city at least once in their lifetime!

Belgium became my home for the second time in 1998 when I moved to Brussels as a teenager with my family and lived here for three years. This time it was a Scandinavian school and a French-speaking Belgian handball team that occupied my time. The experience was characterized by the contradictory lifestyle of the expat, and of the local Belgian youth. Two important points of view in understanding this vibrant country and how people enjoy the city.

Now I am here for the third time, this time as an adult with my own family. Belgium is very dear to me and I would like to share that as much as possible. The city is full of little secrets, endless selection of events intertwined with magnificent history and culture on every corner, but most importantly its signature is to live and enjoy!

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