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Laeken & Atomium

Laeken is full of fun contrasts, ranging from royal palaces and gardens, to the grand exhibition area which hosts an amazing number of exhibitions and events each year, crowned with one of Brussels's most famous landmarks: Atomium.

In this area you can see the royal family (if you’re lucky), the Royal Greenhouse, hiking trails in the Laeken Park, the Japanese Tower and the Chinese Art Gallery.

The magnificent story of the royal palace and the royal family, the three time exhibition area of the World Fair, Atomium, and the famous Thinker by Rodin in the Laeken cemetery. During the tour we will visit these places and learn their history as we pass through one of the largest green areas in Brussels. In the garden, hundreds of rabbits run around (not all at once!), adding nice and vibrant life to it. 


This journey uncovers one of the great secret areas of Brussels that don’t appear much at first impression. 

The main stops include for example Atomium, the Japanese Tower, the Chinese Art Gallery, the Florist Gardens, the Royal Palace and Notre Dame de Laeken.


Meeting: Grand Palais, Expo

Metro station: Heysel

Tram station / bus stop: Heysel


Duration: 2.5 hours

Price: 40 EUR

Minimum participation of 6 people


Royal Greenhouses

The royal greenhouses are generally not open to the public, but for three weeks in the spring, guests can walk through the glass halls between the royal greenhouses. The greenhouses are known for their incredible variety of flora.

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